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Child/Baby Images

Know someone expecting a baby soon?  Here are some images that can be made for them.  New babies are not the only ones that like to get new stuff.  Check out the images for older children.



Applique Christmas tree w/ ribbon bow on top and name thru center of tree.     Price: $

Personalized baby blanket with Babies first and middle name, weight, height, and date of birth.  Price: $

Here is a blanket that you can personalize with the babies information.  It can be put on a Pink, Blue, or White blanket.  It has the babies first and middle name, date of birth, "It's a girl/boy", time, weight, and height. Boy blanket has sports theme.    Price: $50.00

Another baby blanket option.  Different sizes and colors of circles (solid and outlined circles).  Includes blanket, baby Name (first and Middle), birthday, It's a girl (boy), time, weight, and inches.  Price: $50.00

Small blanket (12") with Childs name on it.  Blanket is comes in pink or brown.    Price: $9.50

Personalized burp cloth.              Price: $8.00

Picture book to put pictures of you children/grandchildren in.  Flip it over and put more on the back.  Bottom picture show two more book patterns that can be used.  Price: $9.25

iDance done in rhinestones.  Price: $

Dance bag holds shoes in side pockets and clothes in the center.  Name can be put on top also.   Price:  $

More images coming soon!

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